Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reflection on Place and Culture

In Humboldt County there's a verity of different places, but specifically I'm thinking about Fortuna, California, the place inwhich I live in. Living here you get to experience amazing scenery of the redwoods and the beautiful warm sunset along the coast. I've lived here for long enough to personally say it's not that beautiful, but I know when I lived down south and we'd visit up here, all the scenery compared to the city was a lot to take in. There's also a lot of festivals or events that happen in Fortuna, such as the Rodeo, the Apple Harvest, Autorama, and many many more. The Apple Harvest is when the entire town, and more, get together and create so many different products made from apples. The Autorama is a car show of the best, and oldest, cars I've ever seen still working in fine condition today. That's enough about here, I wanna hear about where your place!

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